Dear Maybach Owners and Enthusiasts,

Over 100 years ago, my great grandfather Wilhelm Maybach designed the first Mercedes car, eighteen years after bringing the first high-speed internal combustion engine to life in a garden-house workshop. His absolute focus to 'create only the very best, from the very best' has remained a constant for anything produced with the Maybach name attached.

For the past ten years we had the updated Maybach automobile. It was the favorite of business titans, political leaders, sports and entertainment icons: Individuals who appreciated the car's remarkable revival of quality, performance and style. That revival refers to earlier times, in the 1920's and 30's, when my grandfather Karl built the original Maybach cars for Kings, Sultans and Maharajas.

I once asked the chief designer of the new car what accounts for the unmatched quality of theMaybach line, he looked at me with heavy brow, and said, "Most cars, in their final testing, allow 80-90 miniscule imperfections, the kind that only a professional would notice. With Maybach, we don't allow any".

While the Maybach automobile has again reverted to collector status, there are still avery few exquisite pieces remaining from the Maybach line that I am making available from my personal collection: Leather suitcases, cashmere blankets and a few other beautiful and historical items. All are original. All are impeccably handmade. If you are interested in acquiring some of these remaining icons, please write me personally at Profits from the sale of these items will help support the Maybach Foundation's Excellence in Mentoring Leadership program and the mentoring network we are building.

With my best regards,
Ulrich Schmid-Maybach